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The United Kingdom consists of Wales, Scotland, and England, which make up the island of Great Britain, North Ireland and hundreds of smaller islands. The population of is made of Irish, English, Scottish, and Welsh. Jewish, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. London is the capital city of United Kingdom, and the largest city in Europe. The city of London is one of the world's leading financial centers. It is situated strategically between Tokyo and New York City. British farming is highly mechanized and produces sixty-five per cent of the United Kingdom's food. The light engineering and services and financial industries have become the mainstay of this economy. Britain ranks high in world's car production and produces about 1,300,000 vehicles annually. Famous makes includes Rolls Royce, Vauxhall and Rover. These vehicles alone make up ten per cent of the export. The British are avid gardeners. Thousands of people flock to flower shows and garden centers selling variety of plants. The British are great sports fans and enjoy playing and watching, ruby, soccer, cricket, snooker, tennis and golf. A summer cricket match on the village green is a traditional English scene.

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