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The country Poland can be located on the European continent. It lies in the very centre of Europe. It covers a land area of 312,685 square kilometer and approximately, it accommodates a population of 38,600,000 people. Poland has few ethnic minorities, and more than ninety-five per cent of the people speak Polish. Many Poles follow a traditional way of life, which include colorful embroidery and woodcarving. Warsaw is Poland's capital since the 1500s. This city has ancient landmarks and treasured buildings, which line wide streets and squares. Farming employs a quarter of Poland's labor force, most privately owned farms are small, cultivating some crops to sell, and the rest to feed their families. Poland is a major producer of rye and their leading crop is wheat. Two-thirds of the wheat is fed to livestock, some, with potatoes is used to distil vodka. Poland has a thriving steel and iron industry, and huge reserves of lignite, lead zinc, coal, copper, and silver. About one-fifth of the labor-force is employed in this industry.

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