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Bounded by the Alps in the north, Italy is boot-shaped peninsula stretches about 800 kilometers into the Mediterranean Sea. Rome is the capital city that was founded about 2,500 years ago, on seven hills near the River Tiber. Rome is also the home of Italy's democratic government. Italian's three great passions are football, opera, and fact cars. They also enjoy sailing, volleyball and skiing. Horseracing is a popular spectator sport. Every spring Italian towns and villages celebrate carnevale. Pizza and Pasta are the two traditional Italian foods. The Italians flair for design is particularly obvious in their clothes and cars. The designer name such as Gucci, Benetton, and Armani are world famous. Italian shoes and clothes are widely exported. Italy's countryside is dotted with small family run farms cultivating variety of crops. Italy is the leading producer of olive oil and olives, as well as lemons and oranges. Italy is the world's largest wine producer. Italy's ancient Roman ruins, varied and scenic countryside, magnificent towns, sculptures, and paintings lure millions of tourists each year.

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