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With its long Atlantic coastline, Portugal occupies the southwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula. The population of this country is estimated as 10,000,000 people. About ninety-nine per cent of the population is made of ethnic Portuguese. Many Portuguese enjoy watching and play football, motor racing, tennis, golf and a wide range of water sports. Bullfights are a part of traditional life. Lisbon surrounded by hills, Portugal's capital lies at the mouth of the River Tagus. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. Farms tend to be small and rely on traditional farming methods. About ten per cent of the labor force is employed in agriculture. Drought often causes low yields. Portugal is the world's leading producer of cork, the thick, spongy bark of the cork of the oak, which is used for making floor tiles and wine stoppers. Eucalyptus trees grow throughout Portugal, which is grown for its wood resin, oil, and gum. The country is a major exporter of canned sardines and pilchards, and has several large fish processing plants.

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