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Macedonia is a landlocked country in the south Eastern Europe and officially, it is called as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It covers a land area of 25,333 square kilometer. Macedonia population is accounted as 2,000,000, and the larger group of population is made of Slav Macedonians, who account for two-thirds of the population and others are ethnic Albanians. Macedonian, Serbo-Croat, and Albanian are the main languages people speak in this country. Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia, which is a hub for the country's industry and communication. The earthquakes destroyed this capital city four times, most recently in 1963. Land-locked, Macedonia is self-sufficient in energy, with efficient mineral reserves, food processing, textile, and chemical industries. Macedonian Denar is the monetary unit of Macedonia. The two lakes Ohrid and Prespa are Europe's most beautiful lakes and they attract thousands of visitors for the scenery and for fishing. Ohrid Lake is 964 feet deep; the underground channels link these two lakes.

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Meta Morphosis

Based in Macedonia, specialized in the development of democracy and prosperity by promoting knowledge based economy.

Real Estate

Agency in Skopje, Macedonia, specialized in renting and purchasing houses, apartments and commercial property.

Skopje Online

Tourist guide providing information about hotels, accommodation, travel, transport, shopping, events, attractions and culture activities online.

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