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Slovenia is a country in the European continent and is shared its land borders with Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Slovenia, geographically and historically has more in common with other neighboring states and Austria. About ninety per cent of the population is made of Slovenes who have preserved their culture, tradition, and language for centuries. Slovenes standards of education is high and even wages are comparatively high when compared to other Balkan states. Slovenia's has many tiny farms and thriving businesses. The mineral mines in Slovenia mines oil, zinc, mercury, and lead for export activities. Slovenia capital city and the largest city is Ljubljana. It is livable and the greenest capitals. It is a perfect base for exploring Slovenia from this capital. One in seven Slovenes live in the capital, Ljubljana, which have major, industries such as chemical, textiles and electronics. Almost one-third of the country's energy comes from a nuclear plant in Krsvo.

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Art museum in Slovenia containing the largest visual arts collection of 20th century.

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Resource for information on the Republic of Slovenia government, ministers, courts, law, human rights and much more.

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Protects and improves psychosocial well-being of children to get better and to grow well.

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