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Georgia lies in the Western most part of the three republics with Tbilisi has its capital city since 5th century. It is situated on the banks of river Kura. Georgia's latitude is 42o 00' North and longitude is 43o 30' East. The bread stuffed with hot melting cheese is the staple food of Georgia. The meat meals consumed here is pork, beef, lamb, and chicken other regional specialties' are kebabs, khinkali and khachapuri. Georgia produces fine silk cloth, bright cotton fabrics used to make headscarves woven by Georgian women. Some of the tourist attractions in the country are Forsyth Park, Jekyu Island, Chattahoochee National forest, Ocmulgee National monument, Callaway gardens, Georgia aquarium, and Savannah historic district. Georgia produces about 250,000 tons each year. More than 90 per cent of tea sold in Russia is grown in this country. Georgia produces excellent red wines and has extensive vineyards.

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