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Burma can be located in the west of mainland Southeast Asia. Burma is also known as Myanmar. Burma's longitude is 98o 00' East and latitude is 22o 00' North. The country has three seasons. Cool season (winter) is from November to February, Hot (summer) March to May is intensive heat in most part of the country, Rainy (Monsoon) heavy rainfall from June to August. The mountainous and largely forested region where Thailand, Burma, and Laos meet is known as the Golden Triangle. The capital city of Burma is Rangoon. Burma had about 70 per cent of the total world reserves of teak. The rubies mined in Burma are considered to be the worlds finest, prized for their glowing, deep red color. The people of Myanmar enjoy Rice (starch food) and it is their staple diet. Fish served with vegetables form an important part of Burmese diet.

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