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India is the world's seventh largest and second most populated country. With more than 450 million voters, the country of India is the world's largest democracy. The country was under Britain rule and got its independence in the year 1947. India has rich mineral reserves, including oil, bauxite, coal, manganese, and iron ore. The Ganges is the biggest river in India, flowing through highly populated plains. India has a highly successful film industry and makes more films than any other country. Delhi is the capital city of India and Indian Rupee is the monetary unit of this country. Rice and unleavened breads such as chapattis are eaten with meals. The curry, a sauce flavored with a subtle blend of spices is eaten with meat or vegetables. Cash crops include coffee, tea, rubber, mangoes, cotton, sugar, bananas, and tobacco. India exports rosewood, timber, teak, and sandalwood.

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Provides complete information on the attractions and activities of wildlife, birding and sightseeing tours and travels in India.

National Portal of India

Official website with access to information and services being provided by the Indian Government.

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Supplies spare parts for ships such as main engine, aux engine, turbochargers, air compressors, separators, pumps, fresh water gen sets, rubber fenders, anchor and anchor chains etc.

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