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Kazakhstan is one of the worlds under populated countries with Astana as its capital city. The main languages spoken here are Kazakh and Russian. Islam is the main religion of the Kazakh people. Tenge is the currency used in Kazakhstan. Much of the Kazakhstan's grasslands are used for grazing animals like sheep, goats, and cattle. With the help of irrigation, large areas are cultivated, which produces rice and wheat and the fishing activities take place on more than 49,000 lakes. The country has plentiful reserves of iron ore, copper, uranium, and nickel and mining is considered as country's most important industry. Gold is the major export, and Kazakhstan is a world leader in chromium production, and a major producer of manganese, tungsten, and zinc. The world's first artificial satellite was launched from Kazakhstan, and the site is still used for space launches. Some of the world's largest oil deposits are located near Caspian Sea, attracting foreign investment.

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