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Ruled by the Kings Nepal is a tiny Himalayan state in the Asian continent. Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu is a city of ornate temples and shrines. There is a wide variety of populations, most of them are the Bhutias, the Sherpa's are skilled, tough mountaineers, and the Gorkhas are noted army men in the world. Nepal is dependent on subsistence farming, which, with forestry, employs ninety per cent of the work forces. The main agricultural products are Rice, Jute, maize, wheat, and millets grown on the mountainsides which are cut into terraces. Nepal mineral reserves include a little amount of Silver and gold, with others like Iron, coal, copper, lead, Cobalt, and zinc. Mountain climbing and trekking in the Himalayas attract thousands of visitors to Nepal every year. Tourism attracts much needed income, but disturbs the ecological balance of nature. The monetary unit is Nepalese rupee. Groups called Newars are famed for their woodcarving.

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