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Russia is located in northern part of Asia and the largest country in the world and is a dominant element in the former Soviet Union. The East of the Urals in Asian Russia is called Siberia. It is spread over an area of 17.1 million square kilometers. Russia is a federation of numerous territories, republics regions, many of which are self-governing and autonomous. The capital city of Russia is Moscow and the largest city and is linked to the Volga River. Most of Russia's crops are grown in land the "fertile triangle". Natural gas, coal, and oil are mined in Siberia. Forests provides for timber. The Trans-Siberian Railway is the world's longest and continuous rail line that links European Russia with Pacific coast across Siberia. The staple food is the bread. More than fifty percent of the Russian work force is made up of Women, working on construction sites, medicines and teaching. The working women are benefitted from health and child care provisions.

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