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Situated between Finland and Sweden, Aland archipelago accommodates around 6,750 Islands, out of which only sixty Islands are inhabited. It is an Island situated between Finland and Sweden. It occupies an area of 5,219 sq Kilometers and the population is estimated around 28,007 people. The capital city of Aland is Mariehamn and has about one-third of the population. Swedish is the official language and a medium instruction in schools and the country has its own taxation system. It is a neutral zone, where Lagtinget, the parliament is the highest authority of this country. Aland has a mild climate and fertile soil that is ideal to grow crops, only nine percent of the Aland is arable and the chief agricultural crops includes oats, barley, rye, wheat and the climate is also favorable to grow fruits such as pear, plum and apple. The major source of income is derived from tourism, processing of fisheries and agricultural products, shipping and ferry services.

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