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The country Bulgaria is located in the European continent and shares land borders with Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Macedonia. It is spread over an area of 110,910 square kilometer. About eighty per cent of Bulgaria's populations are Bulgars, with minorities of Roma, Macedonians, and Turks. Sofia Bulgaria's capital is also the largest city, with more than one million inhabitants. Sofia is an economic center, with one-fifth of the country's industry. The town of Kazaluk in the Balkan Mountains, has vast fields of roses grown, petals of these roses are used to produce attar, the essential oil of roses, which is used in manufacturing perfume. Danubian plain's climatic condition is ideal for growing black grapes, which is used for making high-quality red wine. Marisa valley in farther south, tobacco plants are grown and dried for making cigarettes. Bulgaria's black sea coast, sandy beaches, forests, and old fishing villages are becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destinations.

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