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Slovakia is a country situated in the Central Europe, and it is bordered by Hungary to the south, Poland to the North, Ukraine to the East, and Austria and Czech Republic to the west. It is spread over an area of 48,845 square kilometer and its population is estimated as 5,400,000 people approximately. Slovak Koruna is the monetary unit of Slovakia. Bratislava is the capital and the largest city in Slovakia. This capital is spread on the banks of river Danube and Morava and it is Danube river port and a rail center. Bratislava's factories make engineering goods and chemicals. The Slovakian countryside is a mixture of towns, ancient walled, castle, and mountain villages. About twenty per cent of the land is farmed by tiny, family-run concerns, cereals and vegetables are the major crops. Former Czechoslovakia is acknowledged as the original home of European puppetry, thus folk traditions are strong in Slovakia, where puppet shows are popular.

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Health Net

Providing a range of internet services for health care institutions in Slovakia.


Database contains list of hotels, guesthouses, apartments, as well as arrange skiing in Slovak ski resorts.


Slovak ski resort, specialized in organizing summer and winter activities.

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