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Croatia is a country in Eastern Europe and is bordered by Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia has 1,246 Islands and Islets out of them only 48 are inhabited. It occupies a land area of 56,542 square kilometer. This country is fortunate in having important ports and rich minerals resources including bauxite, oil, and coal. Kuna is the currency of Croatia. The industrial and cultural capital city of Croatia is Zagreb, on river Sava. This city has cathedrals, museums, art galleries, and 13th century buildings. The valleys of Northern Croatia have a fertile river, where fields of flax are cultivated from which flax fibre are woven into linen, and its seeds yield oil. Croatia's Adriatic coast has hundreds of off shore islands and sandy beaches, which lure up to 12 million tourists every year. Croatia has a thriving fishing industrial with an annual catch of about 27,500 tons. The neckties worn by the businesspersons all over the world are from this country Croatia.

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Croatian Villas

Travel agent specialized in villas with pool, houses and apartments for rent in Croatia, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Brac, Vis and Istria.

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Offering quality planning of meeting, conference, incentive travel, as well as programs and assistance for pre and post trips.

Real Estate Croatia

Portal lists largest database of flats, houses, land business premises and real estate agents properties in Croatia.

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