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Asian Turkey is the country's rustic heartland, steeped in Islamic tradition and has a strategic influence over Middle East, Black Sea, Mediterranean coasts, and Central Asia. Ankara replaced Istanbul as the capital in 1923, and Mausoleum of Ataturk dominates it. About ninety-eight per cent of the Turkey is raised, flat-topped land known as Anatolia, which is used mainly for grazing animals. About thirty-eight per cent of the work forces are employed in farming and varied climate allows wide range of crops to be grown. Turkey is self-sufficient in food, and grows cereals and specialized crops like grapes, dates, and aubergines. Tea and hazelnuts are cultivated along the Black sea coast. Goats provide angora wool, named after the capital, Ankara. Football and greased wrestling are both games that draw huge crowds. More than nine million tourists flock to Turkey year, attracted by its pleasant climate, fine beaches, and historic sites.

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