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The three inhabited islands and other small ones make up the country of Bahrain. Bahrain has a long history, 4,000 years ago was a transit port for trading activities with India. The population of this country can be estimated as 652,000. The oil reserves and plenty of natural gas have made the country rich. The capital city of Bahrain is Manama and the currency used is Bahrain Dinar. Bahrain's staple diet comprises of rice, fish, bread (khubz), dates, and dairy products such as cream cheese, white cheese and yogurt. The places of tourists attractions in Bahrain are Bin Matar House, Al-faith Mosque, Al Dar Islands, Tree of life, Reef Island, and Sheikh Isa bin Ali house. Women have equal access to education and follow careers. It has two main climate types, during summer the climate is hot and humid and winter is very pleasant.

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