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Palestinian Territories are located in Western Asia along the Jordan River, the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of West Bank and the Gaza strip. Land negotiations continue over Gaza, Jericho, and the West Bank. The recognized city capital of Palestinian Territories is East Jerusalem. The economy of Palestinian Territories mainly on agriculture, with fishing and livestock. The chief crops are olives, grains, vegetables, and citrus fruits. Most of the Palestine's exports include fruits, cooking oil, and vegetables and are exported to Israel. The major industries are cement manufacturing, food processing, manufacturing of toys, shoes and clothing. The most attractive spots in this country include Belameh Jenin, Hebron Souk, Hisham's Palace, Khan El- umdan, Deir Gharsaneh, Abraham Mosque, and Haram Ash-Sharif. The Palestinian Territories staple food is rice, which is usually served with meats such as chicken or lamb, soups and vegetables.

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