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Many Europeans immigrated to the newly discovered continents. It protested against the imperial policies of their mother countries Europe. Two separate events are taken as marking the end of the Middle East and the beginning of the modern period in European history. An extensive area of southwest Asia and northern Africa, stretching from the Mediterranean to Pakistan and including the Arabian Peninsula. Early civilizations in Asia were largely isolated from each other and from the rest of the world by barriers of deserts, mountains and oceans. Only the middle east had strong connections with Europe. Therefore, Asia civilizations and culture developed independently for thousands of years. Over the time major civilization such as those of India and china, began to affect other Asian countries. Deciduous forest Asia has comparatively few broad leaf forests of deciduous trees that shed their leaves in winters, trey occurs mainly in eastern Asia. Middle East Conflicts started since 1948, Arab Israeli territorial conflict such as the war of 1973 (when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel), and dominated the Middle East. There have also been conflicts between Arab countries, such as the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988). Although the oil boom has helped this situation by lessening poverty, the situation in the Middle East remains unstable.

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