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Northern Cyprus is officially known as Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus. It lies between the latitudes 34o and 36o north and longitudes 32o and 35o east. Northern Cyprus occupies over an area of 3,356 square Kilometers. The population of this country is estimated as 1,155,403 people. Northern Cyprus gained its independence in the year 1960 from United Kingdom. The population is made of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot. Nicosia is the capital city and largest city of Northern Cyprus. It has a Mediterranean type of climate with dry and hot summers and cool and pleasant winters. The languages spoken on the Island are English, Greek, and Turkish. More than ninety per cent of the population is literate and majority can speak English. Turkish Cypriot cuisine is a fine blend of Middle Eastern, Greek, and Turkish cuisines. In Northern Cyprus Tourism is considered as one of the thriving sectors of this economy.

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