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Iran was called Persia until 1935. The country of Iran is bordered by Iraq to the west, Afghanistan to the east and the former Soviet republics in the North. Tehran is Iraq's capital city, which lies in the foothills of Elburz Mountains, contains of Museums, parks, and art galleries. Iranian Rial is the currency of Iran. Farsi is the main language for communication for the country's population. Iran has been famous for its hand-woven rugs and carpets. The country's second largest exports are the Persian carpets, with rich, dark color and traditional patterns. Farming employs thirty-three per cent of the Iranian work forces. Rice, wheat, and barley are the main crops cultivated. Due the lack of means of water resources, only ten per cent of the land can be cultivated. To transport water to farming areas, underground irrigation channels called qanats are used. Sheep are raised for wool and meat.

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