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Yemen, formerly two separate countries, it was united in 1990, and it is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Omen, and the Red Sea. Yemen's capital Sana is situated in the centre of country, and it is a modern commercial and industrial centre. Most of the populations in this country speak Arabic and the major religion is Muslims. Yemeni riyal is the monetary unit of Yemen. The north of Yemen is mountainous, with narrow fertile coastal strip on the Red sea coast, where the climate is ideal for growing grapes, cotton, and coffee. Yemen produces fine coffee beans; Yemenis chew shoots of narcotic shrub called qat, with coffee. Mocha coffee is named after the port of Al-Makha, from where it is exported. Water scarcity is Yemen's main constraint to food production. Sorghum, millet, pulses and, maize is the main food crops and other crops are vegetables and fruits. Tourists favor Yemen's honey and coffee.

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