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Lebanon form part of a region called the Middle East that lies between Asia. This is a small country on the Mediterranean coast. It lies between the latitude 33o 00' North and longitude 35o 00' East respectively. Lebanon's ancient capital, Beirut, lies at the meeting point of the three continents. It is a centre for culture, trade, and tourism. The main language spoken in this country is Arabic. The monetary unit of Lebanon is Lebanese pounds. One-third of the land is cultivated, and the main crops grown are cereals wheat and barley, fruits, vegetables, grapes, olives and tobacco. The national food of Lebanon is (kibbeh), a dish made of lamb, or fish pounded into fine paste with cracked wheat (burghol) baked flat in trays or rolled into balls and fried. The Lebanese love pastries that filled with nuts and dates, covered with honey. The country produces fine wines.

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