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Jordan is an Arab nation on south-west Asia at the northwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Jordan has Mediterranean type of climate, where the summers are long, hot, and dry, and the winters are mild with periods of precipitation. The monetary unit of Jordan is known as Jordanian Dinar. Amman is the capital, the city dates back to biblical times when it was built on seven hills and has about one-third of Jordan's population where majority are Muslims sharing common culture. Although the country suffers shortage of water supply, it grows cereals, tomatoes, citrus fruits, cucumbers, and aubergines. Goats and sheep are the most important livestock. Jordan receives most of its income from phosphate mining, light industry, and, increasing tourism. The Dead Sea lies between Israel and Eastern Jordan, it is the world's lowest point on land, and the water is so salty that nothing can live on it and even the non-swimmers will not sink.

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Independent institute promoting awareness of Islamic thought.

Badr Adduja

Designers of handicrafts products like embroidery, home furnishings and jewelry that reflects the Jordanian culture and heritage.

Zalatimo Sweets

Supplier of baklava, fine pastries and gourmet chocolates.

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