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Cyprus is the largest Island located on the eastern Mediterranean region and it was called the "Island of the sun". The capital city is Nicosia also known as Lefkosia. The majority of Cypriots are Greek or Turkish speaking. The staple diet of Cyprus includes a flat bread (lavash) is served with nearly every dish. Ayran, a yoghurt based non-alcoholic drink, is commonly served in Cyprus. Cypriot diet has an abundance of olive oil, fruit, and fresh vegetables, plenty of fishes. Pound or Turkish Lira is the monetary unit of Cyprus. The climate here, never fails to delight its visitor and every season has its own charm and beauty. During the spring season, the Island takes on an enchanting beauty. The sun, the spectacular mountain scenery and ancient Roman and Greek ruins lure around two million tourists to Cyprus every year. Cyprus is a paradise for nature lovers.

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