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Afghanistan is a mountainous country in Central Asia. The country accommodates a population of 22,500,000 and is spread over an area of 647,500 sq. Km. the geographic coordinates of Afghanistan are 33o 00' North and 65o 00' East. The capital city is Kabul. The languages spoken in Afghanistan are Dari, Persian and Pashto. Pashtuns are the majority ethnic group and the currency of this country is called Afghani. The Afghanistan is a major producer of cereals, fruits, sheep, camels' woolen and silks. The country posses certain minerals and natural reserves like coal, oil, copper, lead, Iron and chrome ore. The chief mountain is Hindukush and the rivers that flow in this country is Harirud, Kabul and Helmand. This region has intense hot summers, severe cold winters and scanty rainfall. Babur tomb, Band-e-Amir National park, Kabul museum, Blue mosque, Heart Citadel, and Qargha Lake are some of the places of tourist attractions.

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