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Azerbaijan is largest of Caucasus Republics and lie just within Asia on a narrow plateau sandwiched between the greater and lesser Caucasus Mountains. It has the most extensive area of farmland. The Kura is the longest river flowing from Central Georgia through the fertile lowlands of Azerbaijan to the Caspian Sea. Natural gas and oil is extracted from Caspian Sea. Pipelines link the capital city Bakel, which is the center of the industry with Russia, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The oil-drilling equipments, manufacturing of chemicals are the other oil-related industries. Most of the people in this country are Russians and Christian Armenians. The currency of Azerbaijan is called Manat. Azerbaijan's cuisine is rich in soups. One of the famous dishes of this country is the juicy flavored kebabs; dolma another minced meat dish is wrapped with grape leaves. The sweet pastries include more than 30 varieties.

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