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The country of North Korea is located in Eastern part of Asian and lies between the latitude 40o 0' North and 127o 0' East longitude. North Korea is isolated from the outside world, both in political and financial terms. The city capital of this country is Pyongyang. North Korea has rich mineral deposits of copper, gold, zinc, limestone, and Iron ore. Nevertheless, lacks money needed to exploit them. Mainly collective farms carry out agriculture, each run by about 300 families. Rice is the chief crop and other crops include wheat, buckwheat, potato, soybean, millet, barley, and sorghum. The language of North Korea is Korean language and North Korean Won is their monetary unit. The tourist attracting destinations in North Korea are Koryo Museum, Arch of Triumph, chollima statue, the Pyongyang metro, Tower of Juche Idea, Mt. Myohyang-San, and Kim II, sung square.

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