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A small isolated country covered in forests and snow-capped mountains, ruled by kings Bhutan is slowly adopting democratic ideas. The capital city is Thimphu and the currency is Ngultrum. Some people are employed in Small scale industry, while others are engaged farming, forestry and fishing activities for their livelihood. Rice, maize buckwheat and potatoes are the staple foods and the local cuisine incorporates lots of spices. The cash crops include apricots, oranges, apples, chillies, and cardamom for export to other Asian countries. The mineral production of Bhutan is graphite, gypsum, marble, coal, copper, tungsten, talc, and quartzite. Marble is mined and exported. The country's weather depends mainly upon the altitude. It has four main seasons, winter from December to February, spring season starts from March to May, summer season begins from June to August and last season is autumn begins from the month of September to November.

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