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Bangladesh lies in north of the Bay of Bengal, between India and Myanmar. The repeated flooding in the country and low-lying land has largely dictated its fortunes. The country's capital city Dhaka, lies on the Buriganga River, that links ports of the country, due to this link its been made the centre of commerce and trade. The monetary unit of this country is Taka. Most of the Bangladeshi's live in houses that are built on stilts to protect them from the frequent flood threats. Bangladesh is the second only to India in the Jute production and the country provides for about eighty per cent of the world's jute fibre. It is the land of natural wonders and Serpentine River. The country's attractive tourist spots are St. Martin's Island, Rajshahi, Bandarban, Cox's bazaar, sixty dome mosques, Dhanmondi Lake and Hussaini Dalan.

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