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Uzbekistan is the country situated in central Asia and is bounded by Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan is one of the wealthier countries in central Asia. The latitudes and longitudes for the country are 41 00' north and 64 00' east respectively. The capital city is Tashkent, and their main languages are Russian and Uzbek. Major exportable items of the country are Gold, cotton, and textiles. Uzbekistan is the world's second-largest cotton exporter and fifth largest producer. Uzbekistan's climate is continental, with cool winters and hot summers. The chief crops are rice, wheat, corn, onions, flax, barley, sesame, and tobacco. Fresh fruits are used for consumption, while dry fruits are exported. Uzbekistan has substantial mineral resources, such as gold and uranium. Samarkand was once the centre for trade in silk from China, but today silk and cotton textiles are the main industry. Silk cocoons are exported to Moscow.

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Providing wide range of information and consulting services to administration bodies, as well as to private business.

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