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It is a tiny country in the South West of India in the Indian Ocean. It consists of 1,190 small coral islands, out of which only 202 are inhabited. The city capital is Male and their currency is called as Rufiyaa. The main agricultural produce is cassava, millets, Coconut, palm, Melons, and some tropical fruits. The islanders live from fishing. Shipping, lacquer-work, and coconut processing are some of the industries. In recent times, garment manufacturing has emerged as a major industry. However, tourism is the principal source of income on the bigger Islands. Maldivians prefer to keep tourists away from the villages, thus many luxury hotels are built on some uninhabited Islands. The Islands are popular with divers, who like to explore the coral reefs and their shoals of colored tropical fishes. This island has a highest rate of literacy in South Asia.

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