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Vietnam is located in the Southeastern part Asia and lies between latitudes 16 10' North, and longitudes 107 50' East. Cambodia, and Malaysia, China, and Laos border the country. Hanoi is the city capital of Vietnam. The country's main language is Vietnamese and their monetary unit is Dong. The cash crops are coffee, rubber, sugarcane, cotton, tea, and peanuts. Major agricultural products are rice, coffee, rubber, tea, pepper, soybeans, cashews, sugar cane, and peanuts. The crops for grown for domestic consumption and livelihood are beans, rice, corn, sugar cane, and yams. Major crops cultivated for export activities are jute, rice, sugar tobacco, coffee, rubber, tea, and citrus fruits. Seafood and fish form an important part of Vietnamese cooking. People in this country catch more than million tones of squid, shrimps, and lobsters every year. Thousands of people earn their living by fishing off the coast. People rely on scooters and cycles for travelling.

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