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Macau is located in Asian continent and tiny peninsula in Southeast China. Portuguese colonized Macao for about 450 years and returned to China 1999. It is the dependent territory of China. It accommodates a population of more than 578,025. Macau is the capital city of Macao. The monetary unit of Macao is Pataca. The people of Macao are also referred to as Chinese. The Macao port in South China Sea is considered an important port for trade and commerce. The Macanese cuisine is a blend of Portuguese style of cuisine and Southern Chinese style of cuisine. The seasoning of their cuisine includes with variety of spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and coconut. Macao is a popular tourist's destination, with a sandy coastline onto the South China Sea. Some of the Macao tourist destinations are Senado Square, Macao Museum, Guia fortress, Taipa village, Monte forte, and Mandarin's house.

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