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The country of Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch and gained independence in the year 1949. Indonesia has 13670 Islands. The modern metropolis of Jakarta is Indonesia's capital and the largest city in South East Asia. It has the world's fourth largest population with 360 ethnic groups speaking more than 250 different languages. Agriculture is the main activity, where farmers grow rice, cassava, maize, potatoes, palm nuts, and sugarcane and spices like cumin, chilies, cardamom, star anise, and coriander and ginger are also grown. The islands of Maluku (Moluccas) are famed as "Spice Islands" of Indonesia. Nutmeg is the principle cash crops other include tea, coffee, and rubber. Indonesia has vast mineral reserves. Gold and tin production ranks high worldwide. More than five million tourists flock to Java, Bali, and Sumatra every year. Fried rice is a popular dish, rice and many unique spices form the basis of all meals.

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Alliance Indonesia

Travel agent arranging all travel needs such as car rental, hotel reservation, adventures tours and transfer throughout Indonesia.

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Largest Indian community portal in indonesia, provides visitors a complete single window service and other information needs.

Jodoh Online

Offers online mating or matchmaking service for marriage purpose.

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