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Mongolia is a land-locked country, that a lie towards North of China is a remote sparsely populated place, with agricultural economy that is steadily becoming more industrialized. Ulan Bator is the capital city, and the country's political, cultural, and industrial centre, producing foods, processing textiles and animal hides. The main language is Khalkha Mongolian for communication among people of this country, and their monetary unit is Tugrik (Togrog). The climate of Mongolia is dry and windy with short mild summers and long severe winters. The country is prone to violent earthquakes. In wetter areas, farmers grow cereals, such as millet, wheat, and oats. Mongolia has mineral reserves, while Coal is mined in Darhan and Choybalsan. The Gobi desert is the fourth largest desert, covering about one-third of the country, and is the site of a discovery of fossil bones and dinosaur eggs. Mongols are skilled horse riders.

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Central Tower

Real estate agency and consultancy offering office space for rent in business district of Ulaanbaatar.

Face Music - Mongolia

An overview of traditional music and instruments of Mongolia people.

Mongolia Center

American overseas research center, offering support to scholars and students in the inner Asia region.

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