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Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku are the four principal Island and more than 3,000 smaller Islands of the east coast of Asia make Japan. Most Japanese live on Honshu, the largest Island, and enjoy high living standards. Mount Fuji is the country's highest peak located near the Pacific coast of Central Honshu. The capital city is Tokyo. Rice and fish form the basis of Japanese cooking. Japan has one of the world's largest fishing fleets and its annual fish catch accounts for fifteen per cent of the global total. Japan has become an industrial giant, over the past 50 years. Cars, motorcycles, and Lorries are japans largest exports. Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are household names throughout the world. The Japanese love nature and many are skilled in the art of bonsai, junipers, pines, and maples growing miniature trees. It grows to sixty centimeter (2 ft.) tall and survives for years.

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