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Armenia is the smallest country in Caucasus Republics and has an area of 29,800 sq kilometer. Most of the Armenia is a high plateau with large expanses of semi-desert. The people of this country, mostly the ethnic Armenians speak a unique language. Forty per cent of the work-force is dedicated to agriculture and crops grown include cereals and fruits such as peaches, grapes, olives and apricots. Yerevan which is situated on Razdan River is Armenia's capital and a major cultural and industrial center. The markets of Armenia sell vegetables, fruits, rich and colorful rugs woven from silk and wool. The currency of Armenia is Dram. Lamb is the main meat in their cuisine, variety of vegetables is served with kebabs. The monastery of Geghard, Karahundj observatory, Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Matenadaran, Garni, The cascade, and Tatev Monastery are some of Armenia's tourists spots.

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