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Approximately 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans and seas. Owing to the action of tides, wind and currents (flows water that may travel thousands of kilometers the world's oceans are constantly moving. Ocean support a huge diversity of life, with most species found in water 0.200 in (0-655 it) deep (the sunlit zone) scientists divide the waters of the oceans into different zones according to their depth beneath the surface. The relatively light warm sub littoral zone is when most fish live. Few creatures live in the bleared abyssal zone above the deep ocean floor become it is always view cold and pitch black, and the water pressure is intense. The deepest places on Earth are ocean trenches when the ocean floor plunges so steeply that the waters above could easily swallow Mount Everest. The ocean covers two-thirds of the Earth's surface this vast body of water is home to a great variety of plants and animates on the ocean floor, there are underwater mountain ranges, and plains covered with lays and mud-like oozes, deep trenches and submerged mountains called sea mounts. Animals live in all of these regions and in all depths of the ocean.

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