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Norway is a country in the Northern part of the European continent, in the Scandinavian Peninsula. It occupies a land area of 324,220 square kilometer. Its 21,900-Kilometer coastline is one of the worlds longest and is indented with fjords (narrow sea inlets). The fast-flowing rivers have spectacular waterfalls. Its estimated population is 4,500,000 people, thus enjoy equal rights and high living standards. Ninety five per cent of the people are ethnic Norwegians speaking Norwegian. About seventy-five percent live in towns. Their ancestors invented skiing for cross-country travel, and now it is the national sport. The education system is well developed, and unemployment is consistently low. A busy seaport and industrial centre, Oslo is Norway's largest city, as well Norway's capital. It blends historic buildings with towering modern blocks. Norway largely depends on its abundance of natural resources, gas and sea oil are exported globally. Norway is the world's largest supplier of salmon. Shipbuilding is important and there is a large merchant fleet.

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