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The country Ukraine lies in the Eastern part of the European continent. Most of Ukraine consists of a broad grassy plain, bordered in the south by the Danube River. The Crimea is a Peninsula in Ukraine that juts into the Black Sea. Many of its resorts cater to the needs of its tourists. Local vineyards produce high-quality wines. The second largest country in Europe Ukraine covers a land area of 603,700 square kilometers. The population is made of seventy per cent of Ukrainians and twenty per cent of Russians who most live in East. Russian and Ukrainian are the main languages spoken in this country. Ukraine's capital, Kiev lies at the meeting point of the rivers Desna and Dnieper. With beautiful churches and park, Kiev is a centre for commerce, culture, and industry. Ukraine holds five per cent of global mineral reserves, the Donets'k Basin in the east are rich in mercury, coal, iron ore, zinc, and manganese. Its factories produce consumer goods, cars, aircraft, and processed foods.

Website Listings

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Provides an overview of the country's culture and economy background, and geographical statistics.

U.S. Department of State: Ukraine

Collects articles, fact sheet, photos and press releases. Includes overview and background of the Ukrainian ambassador and the involvement of super power.

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