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The country Czech Republic is located in the European continent and it is Central Europe's most industrialized nations. It occupies an area of 78,866 square kilometer. Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic that is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it plays host to an increasing number of tourists who flock to this city for both pleasure and business purposes. Only five per cent of the work force is employed in farming. Bohemian glass is prized for its high quality, delicacy, and elegance. The bohemians of the South have made beautifully decorated glass from the fine sands found in this region. Czech beers are popular worldwide. Brewing traditions dates back hundreds of years. Budweiser, Pilsner, and Budvar are the household names. Some of the very large factories Skoda works at Plzen. As well as cars, Skoda produces locomotives, weapons, tools, and machine. Czech factories are able to produce iron and steel, transport equipment and machinery.

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