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The country of Belgium is located in Northern part of west European continent. Belgium covers a total land area of 30,528 sq kilometers. Belgium is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe and accommodates a population of 10,438,353 people. Belgium is bordered by four countries Netherlands, France, Germany, and Luxembourg. Brussels is capital city and the largest city of Belgium. The official languages are German, Dutch, and French. The government is based on the constitution, and its government is a federal parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy. The country of Belgium is famous for chocolates and beer. Belgians enjoy temperate climatic conditions, where summers are cool and winters are mild. This country has eight hundred different kinds of beers and produces approximately 200,000 tones of chocolate annually. Brussels National Airport is the world's biggest chocolate selling point. The painters of Belgium are credited with the invention of oil painting.

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Belgium Japan Association

Organisation promoting business and cultural relations between Belgium, Europe and Japan.

Flanders Expo

Situated in East Flanders, arranges more than 140 exhibitions, meetings, events and conferences each year.

Invest in Flanders

Flanders investment and trade provides advice on all aspects of business, real estate, labour, infrastructure and law.

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