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The most southerly, the smallest and flattest country in Scandinavia, Denmark occupies the Island Sjaelland, Jylland Peninsula, and more than 500 islands. The population of Denmark is made of Scandinavian, German, Turkish, Somalians, and Iranians. Danish farming is efficient and about four per cent of the work force is employed in farming mainly of dairy cattle, yet agriculture accounts for much of the country's export income. Denmark has successful food industries for processing bacon and dairy products, fishing and manufacturing. Denmark's land yield's few natural resources, although high winds are harnessed to produce power. Copenhagen, Denmark's capital also the most important port and Scandinavia's largest city. It also boasts the Tivoli's gardens, which attract millions of tourists every year. Three quarters of the women are employed and Denmark has the best child support in the world. A prosperous liberal nation, environmentally conscious, Denmark offers its people high standard of living and one of the first countries to set up a welfare system.

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