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The tiny principality of Liechtenstein is nestling between the Alps and the Rhine. This country is tucked in between Switzerland and Austria. The highest mountains in Europe, the Alps cover much of this country and the dense coniferous forest is scattered around Liechtenstein. These regions are cooler and wetter than the valleys, and have a lot of snow. Around 160 square kilometer of land area is occupied by this country. Liechtenstein has a population of 32,200 people, who largely among them are ethnic Liechtensteiners, and about thirty-five per cent are German and Swiss. Liechtenstein is known for its vineyards, postage stamps, and forested nature reserves. German is the main language of Liechtenstein. Swiss franc is the monetary unit of Liechtenstein. Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein. The population of this country enjoys a high standard of living and traditional family life, and its economy is highly industrialized, and thus considered a busy financial centre.

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