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Albania lies in the Southeast part of the European Continent. The neighboring countries include Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. It is spread over an area of 28,748 sq Kilometers and it has a population of 3,100,000 people. Albanians constitute about ninety-seven per cent of the population, followed by Bulgarians, Greeks, Balkan Egyptians, Roma, Serbs, Vlachs, and Macedonians. The major religions of Albania are Christianity and Islam. The official language of Albania is Albanian. However, the widely spoken language is Greek. Tirana is the capital of Albania and which is also the largest city. Tirana River runs through this city. Lek is the currency of Albania and is issued by Albania's bank. This country follows a system of Parliamentary Democracy. Albania is the only Muslim nations in Europe and two-thirds of the population of Albania is Muslim. Lumbering, textiles and clothing, oil, and food processing form the major industries of Albania.

Website Listings

Albania Dance Meeting

Providing details of program and workshops on international festival of modern and contemporary dance.

GDQ School

Educating international community children to have maximum influence for the glory of God in Tirana, Albania.

Organic Agriculture Association

Established in June 1997, promotes principles and practices of organic agriculture.

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