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Hungary lies at the heart of Europe, and it is a country in central Europe. Hungary's land area is spread over an area of 93,030 square kilometer and was formed about a thousand years ago by an ethnic group Magyvar, from Russia who make up ninety per cent of the country's population. The main language the people speak in this country is Hungarian. Hungarians grow more than forty per cent of the world's paprika, a sweet, bright-red pepper and farmers grow cereals, vegetables, and rye. Kalocsa, a town in Hungary has a museum, which is entirely devoted for this spice. Hungary is an excellent wine producer. It exports a wide range of high-quality white and red wines, which is believed to be healthful. The well-known Hungarian wine is Bull's blood, so called for its dark blood-red color and Tokay. This country has hundreds of hot thermal springs and their warm mineral waters are said to have medicinal purposes. The country's skilled engineers and scientists have succeeded in attracting foreign investment.

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