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The country of Switzerland is a land of isolated valley, which is divided into 26 provinces. It occupies an area of 41,290 square kilometer. Switzerland approximately has a population of 7,200,000 people. Multilingual of all European countries, Switzerland has four main languages French, Romansch, Italian, with German widely used. Bern the capital city is home to more than 130,000 people; its streets are a mix of historic buildings with offices and modern factories. Arable land is scarce in Switzerland, hence mountain cattle grazing has turned the country into a leading exporter of dairy products, which in turn produces wide range of cheese and chocolates. Henry Nestle invented this method. The Swiss has a worldwide reputation for their precision in the field of engineering especially for making watches and clocks. Thus, the quartz watch is the invention of this country. Apart from these, the other important industries are pharmaceutical sector, optical instruments, and chemical industries. Swiss people are the richest in the world, and their cost of living is high.

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