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Kosovo is a country, which is located in Southeastern Europe. Kosovo, a land-locked country is bordered by Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, and Macedonia. The borders of this country are largely mountainous and characterized by narrow valleys and sharp peaks. It has a population of 1,859,203 people and Kosovo official currency is Euro. Kosovo's population is made of nine-tenths of Albanians, less than one-tenth of Serb, with the rest of the population comprising of Bosniacs. Serbian and Albanian are the official languages of Kosovo. The climate of Kosovo is continental with snowy and cold winters and warm summers. Pristina is the capital and the largest city in Kosovo and along with this, it is the nation's cultural, commercial, and industrial center. Kosovo's economy is primarily based on agriculture and it is believed that this country has huge reserves of lignite. The major industries are leather, appliances, textiles, beverages, mineral mining, and base metals. About sixteen per cent of the work force is engaged in this industry.

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